Shear Delight

Courier Tribune
By: Kellie Houx
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

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KEARNEY — Jeff and Kim Overbey raised their family in Gladstone, but the dream of farm life was just that — a dream. However, the couple dipped their toes into creative farm life in 2007 when they purchased their first bred female alpaca and the following year when they purchased five more bred females. They boarded the alpacas at two farms until the couple found their own land.

“Boarding for us was a wonderful experience because it allowed us to work hands on with our animals and at the same time learn as much as we could about their care and fiber from our host farms,” Kim said.

The two still work full time at other jobs. Jeff is a certified public accountant, and Kim is a certified payroll professional.

In 2011, the Overbeys purchased their Kearney property off Cameron Road and moved the alpacas home. Parsons’ Prairie Farm is currently home to 32 alpacas of their own, as well as seven visiting alpacas whose owners are new to Kearney and seeking land in the area. In addition, the Overbeys have an angora rabbit, two donkeys, four ducks, and lots of chickens and barn cats. Along with these animals, there is a Great Pyrenees guard dog that goes by the name Bella.

The first full weekend of November saw the Overbeys preparing for winter, clearing the barn so all the alpacas can be moved in, just in case of an ice storm or deep snow. Otherwise, the alpacas actually enjoy cooler weather, as they are native to Bolivia, Peru and Chile.

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