State College Farmers Market getting ready to move indoors

Daily Collegian
By: Liam Matthews
Photo: Courtesy of Max Pixel
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Throughout the week, Locust Lane is home to numerous fraternity houses and the convenience of College Mart. But on Tuesdays and Fridays, it’s also occupied by the Downtown State College Farmers Market.

Located between East Beaver Avenue and College Avenue, the farmers market is a seasonal open-air market offering fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and cheese, fresh fish and meats, honey, flowers and more. Starting in 1977, the Friday market was the main attraction until about 2008 when the Tuesday market opened.

However, starting Dec. 1, the Friday Market will be moving to a new location as the Winter Indoor Farmers Market starts up. Located on 242 S. Allen St ., the winter market will run from the same time, all the way through April, before returning back to Locust Lane.

Many participants in the market are excited for the relocation as the move is set to bring in new faces, according to John Amodei, owner of Spring Mills Alpacas.

Amodei, who sells gloves and hats from alpaca fiber, said he noticed a wave of different people at last year’s winter market.

“With the market going indoors, you see a lot more town people coming in,” Amodei said. “I guess in the winter they feel more comfortable with going inside without all the student traffic.”

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