Donated Christmas trees feed goats, help people

The Tribune-Democrat 
By: Randy Griffith
Photo: Courtesy of The Tribune-Democrat 
Photo Caption: George Newman is surrounded by grateful goats as he brings a donated tree into the pen at Trinity Farms Center for Healing.

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Wondering what to do with a live Christmas tree after the Epiphany?

Trinity Farms Center for Healing has an unusual opportunity to dispose of the holiday icons and also help a program dedicated to healing.

The local nonprofit invites trees to be donated to help feed the program’s 27 goats.

“Drop them off at Trinity Farms Center for Healing,” the Trinity Facebook page invitation reads. “GetUR, the Buck Boys, the Banded Brothers and The Goat Girls will munch them up.”

Donations will help supplement feed for Trinity’s 11 alpacas, Paula Eppley-Newman said at the Jenner Township farm.

“The bark has more nutrients than a lot of feed,” Eppley-Newman said, watching a group of kiko goats strip a donated evergreen.

Trinity Farms was established through a group of local advocates brainstorming about the opioid epidemic and other issues facing the region. Spread over more than 140 acres in northern Somerset County, the agricultural operation provides those in recovery with therapeutic volunteer work opportunities and engagement, she explained.

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