Spinning Yarns: Brenna Willingham, 14, carries on centuries-old tradition

The Daily Tribune News
By: Neil McGahee
Photo: Courtesy of Pixabay
Original content from The Daily Tribune News.

Cassville may be a long way from “The Little House on the Prairie,” but Woodland High student Brenna Willingham has adopted the same ways to make clothing; even spinning thread on a spinning wheel she got for Christmas.

Surrounded by brightly colored rolls of wool and yarn, she explained the process as she spun the wheel.

“I mostly use raw alpaca wool and card the wool until it’s clean, then I dye it using vegetable-based dyes and finally, I spin it into yarn on my spinning wheel,” she said. “It’s really awesome to see it all come together.”

She crochets the finished yarn into sweaters, scarves and hats and sells them online on Instagram, Etsy and Facebook under the name “Cornbread Designs.”

“This is a family tradition,” her mother Joan said. “Both great-grandmothers made clothes this way and passed the knowledge down to their descendants. I remember my grandmother passing all this down to me and I passed it on to Brenna.”

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