Woman living her dream ‘on the hill’

Vinton Newspapers
By: Ruby F. Bodeker
Photo: Courtesy of Max Pixel

Original content from Vinton Newspapers.

Growing up just blocks from Disneyland Park in southern California, Garrison resident Sue Hart was living what many kids of the 1960s would have considered a dream come true.

But with the opening of her farm store ‘On The Hill’ this past November, Hart says only now is she truly living her dream.

On The Hill, located at 1499 58th Street at the US 218/Iowa 8 junction, is a fiber and gift shop, alpaca and lavender farm, all rolled into one. Built at the top of a hill on 13 acres, owners Sue and Terry Hart live in the main floor of the building while operating their small business from the walk-out basement.

The Harts moved to the new store location in late 2016 from their former alpaca farm north of  the Vinton Veterans Memorial Airport. The alpacas, plus Sue’s dream of owning a working lavender farm and fiber store, came with them.

“We actually wanted to downsize,” Sue says with a chuckle as she speaks about the move. “Also find some place that was hard surface [for a business].”

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