What is your stash telling you?

My Central Jersey
By: Pam MacKenzie
Photo: Courtesy of Pxhere

Original content from My Central Jersey.

Maybe this is a sign of yarn addiction, but often when I look at yarn, it talks to me. It tells me what it wants to be. And I would say that (1) I am deeply addicted to yarn, and (2) most of my yarn has told me what it wants to be. I gave away a lot of yarn in 2017 and intend to give more away this year, but heaven help me, most of the yarn in my yarn room has been shouting at me about what it wants to be, and it’s paralysing because I can’t do it all.

Anyway, back to my stash. The alpaca yarn has been calling me like a Greek siren. Alpaca yarn is warmer than wool, and this sub-zero-wind-chill weather we’re having is definitely alpaca weather. I have a lot of alpaca yarn in my stash, and I keep thinking i could at least make myself a hat with some of it.

Some of the alpaca vendors, including Humdinger Alpacas in Philipsburg, sell yarn at the Garden State Sheep and Fiber Festival from an alpaca co-op they belong to. Over the years, I’ve picked up about 6 or 7 skeins. Most of it is dyed, and all of it is buttery soft.

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