Howard Co. 4-H launches alpaca, llama project

Kokomo Herald
By: Jenn Goad
Photo: Courtesy of Kokomo Herald
Photo Caption: LEARNING — 4-Hers spent time this fall learning about llamas and alpacas during a clinic hosted by the Good family. Youth can take part in this newer project for the 2018 Howard County 4-H Fair.

Original content from Kokomo Herald.

Almost 30 years ago, Purdue Extension in Howard County made an attempt to support a llama and alpaca project.

It wasn’t the time for the area since people were not receptive to them then. Today, according to Extension Educator for 4-H Youth Development and Interim County Extension Director Josh Winrotte, the culture around the companion animals has lightened, opening the door for the project to go again.

“We’re starting to see companion animals as something that’s viewed as acceptable for traditional farming families. So it’s great for us to be able to offer a project that not only appeals to people who have production animals that want a different kind of animal on the farm but also appeals to people who have never had livestock before,” he said.

4-H participants will not be required to own an alpaca to participate in the project, as they can be leased, like horses. Winrotte said agreements between the 4-Her and owner are filed with the extension office as part of the project.

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