WSU Extension offering to inspect ‘Model Properties’

The Reflector
By: Amber Lefstead
Photo: Courtesy of The Reflector
Photo Caption: Robin, left, and Pam Conrad, right, along with Pam’s mother, Karen Rice, display their “Model Property” sign offered through the Washington State University Clark County Extension.

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WSU Clark County Extension recognizes property owners in Clark County who manage their land using practices to keep our local rivers and streams healthy.

The Clean Water Model Property Program started in 2004 and recognizes small acreage landowners who go above and beyond, showing their commitment to land stewardship through their extra efforts in keeping our lakes, rivers and groundwater clean. The program awards these landowners a "Doing Our Part for Clean Water" sign and 57 properties have received a sign.

Serendipity Alpaca Ranch in Ridgefield is one of those 57 properties recognized as a Model Property by the extension. The five-acre ranch is maintained by Robin and Pam Conrad along with Pam’s mother, Karen Rice and houses 17 alpacas.

The Conrads installed a sacrifice area as one management practice that helps keep local water bodies clean. Keeping the alpacas in a sacrifice area during the rainy, winter months reduces mud and sediment runoff during the winter and keeps their pastures lush and healthy.

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