Pucker up: Principal kisses alpaca at ROAR Rally

Pineandlakes Echo Journal
By: Travis Grimler
Photo: By Travis Grimler / Echo Journal  
Photo Caption: After Pine River-Backus elementary students destroyed their I love to Read Month goal of 6,000 pages, Principal Rick Aulie puckered up to Marla, the alpaca, as agreed.

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Even before the count of 105,256 pages had been announced, Pine River-Backus Elementary School Principal Rick Aulie knew the motivated students were going to force him to put his money - or in this case, an alpaca - where his mouth is.

Before the school's ROAR Rally, Aulie asked whose bright idea it was to set a 6,000-page goal for the school's annual I Love to Read Month challenge.

In past years, students have risen to the occasion and earned the right to smash a pie into their teachers' faces. It is of little surprise that students blew the goal out of the water for the opportunity to see Aulie pucker up and kiss Marla, one of Superintendent Dave Endicott's alpacas from Serenity Now Alpaca Farm.

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