At Home With The Organic Gardener

Daily North Shore      
By: Libby Elliott
Photo: By Joel Lerner/JWC Media

Photo Caption: Jeanne Nolan and her husband Verd, founder/owner of The Organic Gardener, at their Northbrook home.

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It’s been three years since Jeanne Nolan, author, lecturer and founder of The Organic Gardener, moved into the 4.5 acre Northbrook farm she, her husband, and their two daughters (plus three dogs, three chickens, two goats, a hive of honey bees, and a pair of alpacas) now call home.

As the Nolans’ menagerie of animals frolic inside a paddock, Verd and Jeanne are preparing their large, organic vegetable garden for the season’s first crop of lettuce, spinach, broccoli, sugar snap peas, and radish seeds, to be planted at the end of April.

“Early spring is a time when we till our soil,” explained Verd. “We bring compost into our raised garden beds and work in those nutrients so the soil is really alive – adding air by turning and fluffing it.”

When it comes to soil, as with all topics related to gardening, the Nolans are experts. Thirteen years ago, Jeanne founded The Organic Gardener, based in Highland Park and rooted in the heartfelt belief that anyone anywhere can grow his or her own food, whether it’s in a backyard, a schoolyard, or an urban fire escape.

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