This Guthrie area ranch is putting Oklahoma bred Alpacas on the map

Oklahoma’s News 4     
By: Galen Culver
Photo: Courtesy of Max Pixel

Original content from Oklahoma’s News 4.

GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA -- Growing up, these visits to the barn or pasture happened a lot earlier in the morning for Bobby Dickerson.

"We used to get up at 2 o'clock in the morning," he says.

He spent his formative years at a dairy near Tishomingo then couldn't wait to join the military.

The Dickersons bought a nice little acreage after he retired.

Bobby had cattle on his mind again.

"I was looking at some Dexter cows," he recalls, "and the wife told me no."

So they settled on Alpacas and the Rock'n D Ranch was born.

"We started out with 4 back in 2009."

On this morning Dickerson was headed out to feed and check on his herd of 25 alpacas.

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