Oklahoma Family Raises Alpacas In Newcastle

News 9   
By: Deanne Stein
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture
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NEWCASTLE, Oklahoma - This Mother's Day, one mom spent the day as she always does, surround by her kids, 30 of them.

Terri Bates doesn't have to look far to find her herd. They're always in the field and when one comes, the rest is sure to follow. Terri and her husband Kerry opened the alpaca farm at the Magnolia Blossom Ranch, five years ago when Terri retired. Now they're spending their golden years breeding and raising around 30 fur babies.

“They are my kids, yeah, my son would probably argue that,” Terri said with a laugh.

MBR is among nearly a hundred alpaca farms operating across Oklahoma, by farmers who have realized the benefit.

“We don't have to kill them to make money off on them which is what I like,” Terri said.

Alpacas spend a year growing their fleece. Terri and Kerry just sheered their herd about two weeks ago and each alpaca averages about five pounds of fleece.

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