Weavers’ guild passes down tradition of fiber arts

The Bradford Era
By: Daniella Griesbaum
Photo: Courtesy of Pxhere
Original content from The Bradford Era.     

On Friday, members of the Enchanted Mountain Weavers’ Guild could be seen setting up their personal table looms at the Grace Lutheran Church.

As they settled in for a long evening of handiwork — this month’s project was lace weaving — members talked about the group’s goals, accomplishments, and recent fiber arts related traveling.

The guild has monthly meetings 10 months out of the year, with the exceptions of January and February. They range between day and night time meetings and are held at multiple locations, with the main two being the Grace Lutheran Church and Crooks Farm of Bradford. In the summer months of July and August, day-long, workshops are held each year at Crooks Farm.

Regina VanScoy of Limestone, N.Y., one of the guild’s project leaders, said people who join the guild range from beginners just interested in crafting to professional artisans.

To the outside observer, weaving might seem like a simple hobby. But a closer look shows that the world of fiber arts is vast and intricate.

These weavers and spinners have sponsored meetings with workshops such as beginning spinning, overshot weaving, drafting, boundweave, ripsmatta weaving, tapestry, inkle weaving, Andean weaving and spinning, tablet weaving, tartan weaving, knitting, basketry, felting and dyeing.

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