Crops, Holsteins, Alpacas, Oh My: Orangeville youth learn where their food comes from during Ag Ed days 
By: Gisele Arseneau
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Photo Caption: All of the Grade 3 students in the Orangeville area visit the the Orangeville Agricultural Centre to learn about where their food comes from on April 24 and 25.
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The mandate for "Ag Ed" days in Orangeville is to teach all Grade 3s where their food comes from.

All of the Grade 3 students in the Orangeville area visited the Orangeville Agricultural Centre on April 24 and 25. Each groups visit lasted for 1½ hours.

They visited eight stations, each one lasting 10 minutes, manned by professionals in the field of human nutrition (from plants), veterinary science, field crops (seeds), beef, dairy, goats, a vegetable farmer and alpacas. They learned the value of the farmer in feeding each of us. 

The first station was manned by two women from the Food & Farm Alliance. They talked about all the parts of a plant that are good for us to eat. They made a smoothie of apple, carrot, seeds, spinach, yogurt and honey.

The last stop was the alpacas. There we were taught where the alpaca comes from and the difference between alpaca hair and sheep’s wool and llama hair. We learned reasons why a farmer might want to keep alpacas for their hair or llamas for their protective instincts for their other animals.

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