Hang out with (and pet) pigs, alpacas, goats, and more at these farms and animal rescues near Philadelphia

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By: Grace Dickinson
Photo: By Grace Dickinson

Photo Caption: Alex Frazier, co-owner of Little Lost Creek Alpaca Farm, receives a kiss from one of his alpacas from behind a fence separating the males from the females.
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Summer is the season for road-tripping, and what more enticing reason to hop behind the wheel than a quest to see cute (and often cuddly) animals? In under a two-hour drive, the following rescues and sanctuaries invite you to spend time with animals ranging from piglets to alpacas to wolf dogs and more.

Whether you wish to do yoga with goats, give belly rubs to pot-bellied pigs, or snuggle up with a sheep, the hangout opportunities are vast, and plenty of volunteer experiences are available, too.

Alpacas at Little Lost Creek Alpaca Farm

Two years into retirement, Alex Frazier’s wife convinced him to buy his first alpaca. “She joked that I needed a project,” says Frazier, who knew little about caring for the animal at the time but was intrigued by it’s fluffy fiber.

The fiber — AKA the white, gray, or brown hair that covers the animal from head to toe — is prized for being eminently soft. “It’s one of the finest fibers in the world,” says Frazier. “It’s warmer yet lighter than wool, and as soft as cashmere.”

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