A love that keeps on giving

The Brandon Sun
By:  Melissa Verge
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

Original content from The Brandon Sun.

KEMNAY — On a sunny Tuesday afternoon just outside of Brandon, a thundering sound fills the air, as about 30 brown, white, and black alpacas gallop towards Christine Burton, hopeful of an afternoon treat.

"Hello Brownie," Burton says to one brown alpaca, which sports a tag around its neck with its name.

Their long necks and large eyes peer out curiously. They’ve all just had a nice haircut, an annual fleece shearing that takes place every May.

Burton has owned an alpaca farm, Burton Alpacas, with her husband for many years, spurred on by their love of animals.

"We knew we wanted to get into something, and well we love to eat meat, we weren’t interested in raising animals for meat so we found alpacas," Burton said.

Now with a herd of about 80 animals in total, she sells various items made from the fluffy wool fibre that covers the alpacas bodies.

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