Barnyard yoga

MV Times 
By: Sophia McCarron
Photo: Courtesy of Pxhere

Original content from MV Times.

It was 80° and over 70 percent humidity, and there was a group of about 20 people and 10 alpacas in a pasture in Tisbury. The people were being led by Isabella Gillies and Liz Kass through downward dogs and chaturangas, while the alpacas were enjoying some hay and taking dust baths. It is the latest evolution of the barnyard animal exercise trend to reach the Island: alpaca yoga.

Island Alpaca holds these yoga classes on Mondays and Thursdays on its farm in Tisbury. They’re more than an exercise class in the presence of some fuzzy, four-legged llama relatives, however. It was an opportunity to learn more about the animals. Kass is the barn manager at Island Alpaca, and she and the rest of the staff were answering questions and sharing interesting facts about the alpacas throughout the class. Alpacas are relatively new to the States, being first imported from South America in 1983, according to Kass. Because they’re so new to the country, general knowledge is rather limited around these animals.

“Island Alpaca’s main purpose is a breeding farm; however, we also love to educate the public,” said Kass. There are opportunities throughout the class to ask questions about the alpacas. “We provide anything people want to know,” said Kass, “If you have an in-depth question that gets into a scientific aspect, we can answer that. We also get people who ask basically, What is an alpaca?”

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