Longmont Yarn Shoppe expanding to Main Street storefront

Times-Call Business   
By: Karen Antonacci
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

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The Longmont Yarn Shoppe buzzed with activity Tuesday afternoon, the store's last day of business before reopening in an expanded space on Saturday.

Staff milled about, helping customers and potential customers with their knitting and crochet projects. The regular Tuesday night knitting group gathered around a dining table as new Ikea furniture sat half-assembled on the floor.

On the back wall, staff put up a board where customers could leave Post-it notes suggesting ideas for the store expansion into the front half of the 454 Main St. space.

Building owners Steve and Marlene Collins chose to close the brick and mortar presence of Discovery's Egyption Imports at that location but still have an online presence at egyptianimports.com, and are searching for a location in Longmont to open a museum and gift shop. They leased the front of the building to the Longmont Yarn Shoppe.

Between Tuesday and Saturday, staff and subcontractors have a lot of work to do to complete the expansion into the front half of the storefront, store owner Gail Sundberg-Douse said.

But the expansion is good news for the store, which has become a community gathering place since its opening in September 2012, Sundberg-Douse said.

"I mean, it's so crowded in here sometimes that we can't change our mind without going outside," she said. "We want weaving classes, which take up more space because the looms take up more space. We'll have the back of the building devoted to classroom space and the front will still be retail."

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