Alpaca Market a gathering place for Colorado farms and artisans

Estes Park Trail Gazette 
By: Claire Woodcock
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture  

Original content from Estes Park Trail Gazette.
This past weekend, vendors gathered in Barn W. at the Estes Park Fairgrounds to share with visitors the joys and benefits of raising alpacas. The 19th annual Estes Park Alpaca Market saw more vendors than in past years and many of them are part of a larger alpaca community.

Artisans Kathie Dalgleish and Sheri Neuman belong to that group. They both raise alpacas in Kiowa, Colo. and it's each their second time showing at the Alpaca Market.

On Saturday morning, these women have their stations set up next to each other. At them, Dalgleish is looming and Neuman, of Plan B Alpacas, is spinning fiber. When the Dalgleishs, who co-own Raisin Bred Alpacas first moved to Colorado, Neuman and her husband took care of their alpacas while they looked for a home.

"[The Neumans] watch our animals when we go out of town and we watch their animals when they go out of town," she said. "It's really nice to be able to have that kind of sense of community and help and assistance and not feel like you're all by yourself."

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