Furry friends for a day

Pocono Record
By: Brian Myszkowski
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

Original content from Pocono Record.

EFFORT - Hundreds of visitors got to get up close and personal with a friendly herd of adorable alpacas in Effort over the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday marked National Alpaca Farm Days, a product of the Alpaca Owners Association. Each year, the last weekend of September is marked by alpaca farm owners to exhibit their animals, answer questions from visitors and provide people with an introduction to these remarkable camelids.

Rob and Mary Baxter have been running Pohopoco Creek Alpacas in Effort since 2013. The Baxters were inspired to start their own alpaca operation when they made the rounds to check out several farms participating in National Alpaca Farm Days.

“We heard about this event in 2012 and found about six farms within a couple hours of here,” Rob said.

The Baxters set out to visit each of the nearby farms, but found themselves enamored with alpaca culture after the very first stop.

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