Alpacas charm visitors on national Farm Day

South Coast Today 
By: Steve Urbon
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

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MATTAPOISETT — Scientists call them “charismatic megafauna,” animals that appeal to human nature, possessing characteristics that seem to draw people in.

Alpacas have it in spades, as demonstrated by the turnout Saturday for Open Farm Day at the Pine Meadow Alpacas farm on Route 6 at 109 Marion Road.

Families brought their children and couples arrived as well to say hello to 18 of these docile creatures, renown for their silky wool and their mild manners, eager to greet all the new visitors during National Alpaca Farm Days.

Pine Meadow is owned by Jeff and Heidi Paine and run by them alongside their daughters Diana and Lauren, a student at Bristol Agricultural High School. Lauren has a side business raising rabbits, cross breeding them and mastering those techniques. Saturday, she had outside its enclosure a French lop-eared rabbit that clocks in at 15 pounds. The rabbit sat motionless for hours while it was being petted and groomed.

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