All About Alpacas

The Greeneville Sun  
By: Lisa Warren
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

Original content from The Greeneville Sun.

Did you know that alpacas are cousins to the camel?

How about this: Alpacas are generally quiet and docile, but will resort to spitting if they become threatened. They are also herd animals who can become stressed and lonely without a companion animal of the same species.

These are other interesting tidbits about the lovable alpaca were taught over the weekend at the Appalachian Journey Farm, in the Rheatown/Limestone community.

The farm, located just off Jockey Road on Ralph Rhea Lane, is owned and operated by sisters Diane and Joan DuPont, who are originally from Wisconsin and bought the Greene County farm about 13 years ago.

In addition to petting the alpacas, visitors were also given an opportunity to watch spinning and weaving demonstrations using fleece from the farm’s animals. Kids could also take part in games and other activities.

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