Safe Haven Llama & Alpaca Sanctuary seeks donations

Ravalli Republic 
By: Michelle McConnaha
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

Original content from Ravalli Republic.  

Safe Haven Llama & Alpaca Sanctuary and Adoptions, Inc. is seeking donations.

Hay or feed, homes for the animals, volunteer workers and financial contributions are needed and appreciated.

Charlene Hakes, president and CEO, said she began rescuing llamas and alpacas in 1990 and her key goal is education.

“People need to educate themselves first before getting a llama or alpaca,” she said. “I get calls where people buy llamas but know nothing of their needs.”

A llama boom happened in the early 1990s with people purchasing llamas to use as pack animals.

“In 1990, the big thing was the Missoula and Bitterroot Llama Club and we’d get together and share things we learned like how to keep barns clean and what we were feeding,” Hakes said. “We were helping and educating each other.”

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