Dog Found Guarding Home 1 Month After Wildfire Burned It Down, Owner Speaks Out

The Epoch Times
By: Jack Phillips

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A California woman has spoken out after reuniting with her dog one month after the devastating Camp Fire destroyed her home. The dog, Madison, was found guarding her fire-ravaged property and was apparently waiting for her to come back.

Andrea Gaylord told ABC10: “You could never ask for a better animal. You really couldn’t.”

“Imagine the loyalty of hanging in through the worst of circumstances and being here waiting,” she said.

Gaylord was not able to get home to rescue her dog, an Anatolian shepherd mix, who was photographed in viral images patiently sitting on the charred property in Northern California. Due to the strict evacuation orders, the woman was not able to return home.

The deadly Camp Fire destroyed 13,972 residences and killed 85 people, Cal Fire said.

According to the HuffPost, Madison’s whereabouts remained a mystery. Gaylord believed the animal was still alive.

Since then, the dog’s owner released a video showing the moment Madison and its brother reunited for the first time.

Gaylord said the dogs are staying on the property, as her family is making regular trips to make sure the animals get the proper care. Sullivan said the animals are working dogs and need a lot of space. Gaylord is temporarily in a mobile home park, HuffPost reported.

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