Why Walking Alpacas Is The Best Way To Explore Beatrix Potter’s Holiday Home

The Independent
By: Helen Coffey
Photo: By Oliver Jarvis

Original content from The Independent.

“So what’s this surprise then?”

“You’ll see in a minute.”

Excited as a child, trying to wheedle the details of the day’s excursion out of my long-suffering beau as we enter the idyllic grounds of Lingholm Estate – famously the childhood holiday home of Beatrix Potter – I shield my eyes from the sun and look up. And see something truly astonishing.

Fifty metres ahead waits a man wearing wellies and a tweed flat cap over his flaming red hair. That isn’t what’s astonishing – it’s pretty standard dress code for nearby Keswick, the pretty Lake District town where we’ve been staying for the last few days. No, what’s taken me aback is his two companions: a couple of joyously adorable alpacas.

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