Furry customers keep their cool in hot weather

Somerset Live
By: James Somper
Photo: Courtesy of Somerset Live

Original content from Somerset Live.

It's been a hot few weeks here in Somerset with temperatures climbing across the county .

For one group of county residents though, keeping cool can be something of a challenge in the hot weather.

That's why Kim Williams, an Alpaca breeder has been treating her furry chums to some much needed cooling down.

In the recent hot weather Kim has kept the animals cool but filling paddling pools with water in their paddocks and also hosing them down so they don’t overheat under their heavy fur.

Nestled in the quiet countryside near Yeovil , Kim Williams uses her farm as an Alpaca breeding centre.

Having started out in 2013 with just five of the animals, Kim now has 19 of them, selling their famous and much sought after wool to manufacturers across the country.

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