Alpaca: 10 Things To Know And Love About This Supremely Sustainable Fibre

Huffpost UK
By: Eleanor O’Neill
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

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1. It’s soft

And I mean super soft.

The hair of the Huacaya alpaca (the variety making up about 90% of the alpaca population worldwide) is short, curled, dense and sponge-like. This makes it really soft and gives it strength and elasticity.

2. It’s versatile

Living at altitudes where the temperature can fluctuate between -20˚c and +30˚c in the same day, the alpaca itself has a high tolerance for temperature change. This quality is transferred to clothing made with its fibre.

3. It’s light

The microscopic air pockets found in alpaca fibres mean that clothing made with it is very light.

4. It’s breathable

This structure also makes it breathable, regulating your temperature better than other wools.

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