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The Irish Times 
By: Arminta Wallace
Photo: Courtesy of The Irish Times
Photo Caption: Ketzal blanket
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Blanket appeal

Alpacas are gentle but hardy creatures that live in the Andean Highlands of Peru. Their fleeces can be woven into a yarn that is hypoallergenic, naturally stain resistant and – thanks to tiny hollow pockets within the fibre – incredibly cosy.

Which is why Audrey Brennan chose it for her gorgeous Ketzal range of blankets. They’re made, she says, “with the finest baby alpaca and feel as soft as cashmere but don’t ball or pill”. Plus, no baby alpacas are harmed in the process: the animals are shorn every 18 months or so, making this a totally sustainable product.

Brennan’s first Ketzal collection is now available online in a palette of 12 colours from natural greys and beiges to nostalgic pinks and blues.

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