Using animals as mental health respite proves controversial

The Student Newspaper    
By: Elina Turner
Photo: Courtesy of The Student Newspaper 
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A herd of alpacas made an appearance at King’s Buildings on November 15, as part of Mental Health and Wellbeing Week at the University of Edinburgh.

The event was organised by the Edinburgh University Student’s Association, as part of an effort to demonstrate the positive impact of animals on mental health and wellbeing, while also providing students with an opportunity to simply relax with the alpacas.

The event was filled with excitement as people interacted with the unique animals.

A diverse audience was present, with guests ranging in age from six to 60 plus, although there was a noticeably high concentration of students present.

Those who attended the event held a clear opinion on therapy-focused animal interactions, supporting the event and its aims wholeheartedly.

In the eyes of many attendees, animals have always offered comfort and companionship to those around them.

With this in mind, BobCat Alpacas is likely to make another appearance at the University of Edinburgh around exam period.

Owner of BobCat Alpacas, Bob Crosbie, came into alpaca care and breeding after retiring from the civil service.

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