This Dorset-based farm of friendly alpacas will feature on a popular BBC show

Dorset Echo       
By: Katie Williams
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture  
Original content from Dorset Echo.  

 “It's not every day you see two alpacas going into a lift.”

The adventures of a herd of these friendly four-legged animals will be thrust onto the public’s TV screens in a programme popular with lovers of the countryside.

Dorset-based farm Alpaca Adventure will feature in an episode of Countryfile next month in the show’s much-loved ‘Adam’s Farm’ slot. Over two days, presenter Adam Henson and crew filmed with farm manager Wendy Williams at the small holding just outside Shaftesbury, followed by a visit with the animals to Gracewell care home in Weymouth.

 Wendy said: “It was the most exciting two days of my life.

“It was really fun while they were filming. I did an alpaca walk with Adam and a few others, then we went to a local care home.

“Because it is a Christmas feature they have their bow ties on.

“Adam makes you feel at ease as he’s just an ordinary man and a farmer himself.”

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