Dinner Toasts Alpaca’s Place in Sustainable Luxury

Photo: Courtesy of BACO  

Original content from BACO.

MILAN–Alpaca, the fleece that is shorn from camelid animals at over 11 thousand feet in the Peruvian Andes, is having a moment. To celebrate its ascent into the luxury stratosphere as the ultimate sustainable material, representatives from Italy’s vanguard brands met at a dinner held at Milan’s upscale Pacifico restaurant — a new hotspot in the Brera district that specialises in “haute” Peruvian cuisine.

Mrs. Amora Carbajal, Director of the Peruvian Trade Office in Italy  and representatives from Prada, Versace, DSquared2, as well as Constanza Etro, and emerging designers like Luca Larenza, attended the dinner that kicked off with pisco sour cocktails and ceviches enhanced with imported mais and exotic, peppery creams.

Larenza, a knitwear designer, will be experimenting with soft, furry alpaca yarns in his upcoming collections, later this year.

In an age where fashion is striving for a 360 degree sustainable industry, alpaca has enticed top brands like Fendi and MaxMara, which have already crafted alpaca into their collections due to its luxuriously soft nature, as well as its anti-cruelty, hypoallergenic and non-flammable nature.

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