A baby donkey rejected by his mother will now spend his first Christmas in a family’s home

By: Layla Haidrani
Photo: By SWNS
 Original content from Metro.

There’s nothing sadder than a baby animal rejected.

But luckily, this baby donkey rejected by its mother will spend its first Christmas in a family’s home.

Miniature mule Bond has been bottle-fed for three months and now lives between his owner’s kitchen and the conservatory.

But he hasn’t exactly been behaving– he’s nibbled on their tree and pulled down his new family’s stockings.

And what does he particularly like chewing on? His owner Alison Wiseman’s Mary Berry’s cook books. Oh, and he even poos in the kitchen she isn’t looking.

Bond has joined 37 alpacas and 10 Falabella miniature horses at Balnuith Farm which Alison’s runs with husband John, 66.

The three-month-old received his name after Alison decided to name him after actor Sean Connery, famed for the Bond movies

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