Therapy alpacas 'comfort' dementia care home residents

Care Homes & Nursing Homes UK 
By: Michaela Chirgwin
Photo: Courtesy of Care Homes & Nursing Homes UK

Photo Caption: Care UK residents with the alpacas

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A group of alpacas have been touring care homes in Bournemouth, Poole and Edinburgh, bringing comfort to residents with dementia.

 Five of the alpacas were given a tour of various care homes by their handlers, and even visited residents in their bedrooms.

Oliver, Midnight Prince and Sirocco were welcomed by staff and residents at Bournemouth care home, Ferndown Manor, and at The Potteries, in Poole. There was also a ‘meet and greet’ with Amadeus and Calvin at Cairdean House in Edinburgh. All three homes are part of Care UK Nursing & Residential Care Services.

 Many care homes have therapy pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits, and there is a high demand for visiting dementia dogs and therapy horses, but alpacas are still quite an unusual choice.

Zita Turner, home manager at The Potteries, said: “Not many residents had seen an alpaca before, and you could see from residents’ reactions just how fascinated they were by the chance to get up close to and pet the gentle-natured creatures.”

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