Ruff justice: Police want DNA database to identify dogs that worry livestock

By: BT
Photo: Courtesy of PA
Photo Caption: Alpacas at a farm in Hexham, Northumberland

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Police want a database of dog DNA to collar animals responsible for attacks on livestock.

Officers from five forces have made a raft of recommendations including owners being legally obliged to tell police if their pet goes after a captive animal.

They also want the law changed so that animals including llamas, alpacas, emus and ostriches are defined as livestock.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) led a study on the issue of livestock worrying, with five forces – North Yorkshire, Devon and Cornwall, Sussex, North Wales and Hertfordshire – submitting data.

They found that from September 2013 to 2017 there were 1,705 recorded incidents of livestock worrying and attacks. A total of 1,928 animals were killed and 1,614 injured – at an estimated cost of £250,000.

Around one in 10 – 11% – of the incidents involved owners whose dog had worried or damaged livestock before, and in most cases the animal was not on a lead.

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