Find out what Countryfile presenter Matt Baker has been filming in Derbyshire this month

Derby Telegraph
By: Gareth Butterfield 
Photo: Courtesy of Scarsdale Vets
Photo Caption: Matt Baker has been filming Alpacas for Countryfile.

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Alpaca farmers from around the area are being featured on the next episode of BBC's Countryfile series this weekend, as they take part in an innovative new venture.

Scarsdale Vets has gathered four alpaca herds, including one from Kirk Langley, for the practice's first ever blood donation event.

The event aims to ensure animals who donate blood can provide plasma for their own herd, offering a real life-line to baby alpacas, known as cria, if needed.

In total, six alpacas took part in the event, run by vet Fay Pooley, who is a farm vet by profession and is currently working towards a Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice specialising in camelids.

She said: "Having spoken to a number of our alpaca-owning clients we had the idea of bringing together a small group of animals to help us build up a supply of plasma.

"The reason it is important to have a good supply of plasma is that baby alpacas, also known as cria, are born without antibodies which can leave them open to serious infections in the first few days of life.

“Immunity in a baby alpaca is usually passed on from its mother through the first milk, known as colostrum, but if the newborn doesn’t drink enough in the first 12 hours of life, they won’t receive enough antibodies to ensure a healthy immune system.

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