Herd is the word: Meet the alpacas at Clivewood Farm, Shropshire

Shropshire Star  
By: Heather Large 
Photo: Courtesy of Shropshire Star 
Photo Caption: Walkies – herd manager Becky Usherwood takes some of the alpacas for a walk.

Original content from Shropshire Star.        

With their big, dark eyes, great curiosity and gentle nature – alpacas can melt hearts in an instant.

Often described as nature’s stressbusters, they’re native to South America but are now becoming an increasingly common sight in this country.

Weekend visited Clivewood Farm in Shropshire, which is home to a herd of 32 huacaya alpacas, to find out more about these intriguing and beautiful creatures.

As soon as we walk into their field, fleecy heads turn, ears perk up and dozens of pairs of eyes are fixed upon us. We’ve definitely been spotted.

But they show absolutely no signs of being afraid and almost immediately the group of females start to walk over to where we’re standing.

A few, realising we’re sadly not there to feed them, turn back unimpressed but many stay, curious about who we are and peering at us from under their bushy eyebrows.

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