Meet the Norfolk student who runs an alpaca farm in her spare time

Eastern Daily Press 
By: Chris Hill
Photo: By Sonya Duncan  
Photo Caption: Lucy Ackers with her herd of alpacas at Stubbs Farm.

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A Norfolk student who nurtures a herd of alpacas in her spare time between exams and essays now hopes her work will pay off with prizes at a national show.

Lucy Ackers, 24, started her alpaca business at Stubbs Farm in Loddon with the help of her mother Sue and her partner Josh Stebbings – balancing the needs of the animals with the demands of her agriculture degree course at Easton and Otley College, outside Norwich.

The venture was launched a year ago after an essay on the operation of livestock reproductive units prompted a visit to a nearby alpaca farm, and an instant fascination with these charismatic South American camelids, highly-prized for their luxurious fleece.

Her growing herd is now 24-strong, with five of the younger animals being prepared for their debut performance at the British Alpaca Society’s National Show in Telford on March 24 and 25.

“This is our first time taking animals to the show, so we are throwing ourselves in at the deep end,” said Miss Ackers. “There will be tough competition, but to come away with any placing would be fantastic.”

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