Fleece of fury: Angry alpaca faces down rivals with seriously neck-ative attitude and a serious glower

Daily Mail   
By: Debby White
Photo: Courtesy of Pxhere

Original content from Daily Mail.        

One type has teddy bear style hair, while the other boasts long curly dreadlocks: this weekend sees hundreds of alpacas, and their proud breeders, gather in Shropshire for a major two-day competition.

The British Alpaca Society National Show is taking place at the International Centre in Telford, where four judges will consider everything from the lustre and density of the alpacas’ locks, to how well-mannered they are.

It showcases the best of British animals and fibre, and is the ‘first and one of the most prestigious shows to both exhibit and be seen at’, according to the society.

The event also offers competitors the chance to network with fellow breeders from the alpaca community.

Those showing their alpacas were warned beforehand that all of their animals had to be in good health, fully halter trained, and presented with short nails and trimmed top knot, so that they can see.

They also have to be dewormed within 14 days of the show and ‘thoroughly inspected for the presence of mange/mites’.

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