Success For West Wight Alpacas At National Show

Isle of Wight Radio     
By: Charlotte Morgan
Photo: Courtesy of West Wight Alpacas

Original content from Isle of Wight Radio.          

Owners of an Isle of Wight farm are celebrating the success of their animals at a National event.

West Wight Alpacas has returned from the British Alpaca Society National Show, which happened in Telford on Saturday, with a number of awards, including two 1st places and ‘Reserve Champion’.

Every alpaca from the Wellow farm was recognised and awarded. This is despite a tough twelve months, during which a number of their animals had to be culled following a disease which hit the farm last summer. However, after temporarily closing, it’s now business as usual, as West Wight Alpacas Director, Neil Payne explains:

“We’re through it now. We’ve been through two clear tests and whilst we keep testing, all indications are that it’s gone completely.

“Whilst we shut last year, there was never any risk to the public. We’re hoping to have a good year this year.”

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