Chicken and alpaca keeper recommends one thing to novice keepers - install electric fencing

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Photo Caption: Some lessons are just learned the hard way...

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An alpaca and chicken keeper has recommended only one thing to the novice rural poultry keeper - to install Electric Poultry Netting, because as she discovered to her cost, it's better to be safe than sorry.

It started 21 years ago with a trip to New Zealand. We discovered, as well as sheep, the country had a healthy population of Alpaca. We'd never come across them before but found them to be fascinating gentle animals and promised ourselves that if we ever lived in the right setting we'd look in to acquiring a "small" herd. We learned that Alpaca are sociable so less than 3 was not really an option.

In 2010 we decided to move house and after a lengthy search finally set our sights on an old farmhouse sitting in 6 acres of land up for auction. Bidding at auction was a nerve wracking experience but thankfully, being the successful bidder, we were able to secure the property.

Thanks to a rather challenging planning process taking 7 months to get planning permission, but when we did, we demolished the old farmhouse and built a 4 bed roomed property. From start to finish the project took approximately 3 years and we finally moved in July 2014.

After a spell of breathing space we decided the time was right to start exploring the world of Alpaca. Becoming novice "small holders", we felt a local breeder, who'd be on hand to help with advice and assistance, would be the most sensible option.

So, in February 2016, we visited local Farmers, Mike and Carolyn Birch of Brooklea Alpacas. As well as their existing herd, they had eight, six month old male Cria for sale.

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