Meet the First Alpacas in Croatia, from Peru to Bjelovar

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By: Total Croatia News
Photo: By Chris Goldberg/Flickr

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Known for their friendly characters and the outstanding quality of their soft wool, alpacas are not a frequent sight in Croatia. Meet the cute expats and the man who brought them all the way from Peru.

When you’re driving on any given highway in Croatia, look through the window, and there’s a good chance you’ll see a handful of animals scattered all over the fields and pastures spanning along the side of the road. Cows, sheep, goats or horses, casually nibbling on grass and going on about their business. What you’re not likely to see are alpacas - that is, unless that road takes you to Bjelovar, a city in continental Croatia.

The town of Veliko Trojstvo near Bjelovar is home to the first alpacas to ever come live in Croatia, reports Lokalni on April 10, 2018. Expats from Peru, they arrived to their new home owning to a local named Dejan Jalžabetić who decided to venture into alpaca breeding four years ago. The idea was initially suggested by his friend from the Faculty of Agriculture; as soon as Dejan did his research and found out the South american animals are known as outstandingly gentle and friendly characters, the decision was made.

“Considering I own large pastures in Veliko Trojstvo, I was looking for animals that would graze the grass and thus take care of the upkeep. Sheep would have been a more normal choice, but I didn’t want to get animals that would have to go to slaughter at some point. I found out about a [financial support] measure for novice farmers, and owing to that, I managed to acquire three alpacas from Italy last year,” said Jalžabetić.

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