Finding exams stressful? Then hug an alpaca

By: Emma Seith
Photo: Courtesy of Tes
Original content from Tes.     

Exams season is upon us, with all the nerves and stress that entails. But one school has found a solution – alpacas.

Eight of the woolly animals took up residence this morning on the grassy playing fields at Kelvinside Academy in Glasgow.

Staff allowed pupils to switch off from studying and the exams and spend time with the "therapets" in the open air.

The independent school's head of pastoral care, Dan Wyatt, said petting the animals helped pupils to manage their stress and keep perspective.

“Stress can be overwhelming during the exam period, so spending time with a woolly alpaca will hopefully have helped our pupils manage their stress levels and take a well-deserved breather,” he said.

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