Life in the slow lane with laid back alpacas

Teesdale Mercury  
By: Martha Sorohan
Photo: Courtesy of Teesdale Mercury 

Photo Caption: TAKE IT EASY: Doug Steen, centre, with trekkers Will and Katie, who wanted to do “something different” to celebrate a birthday.
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It is well worth booking an alpaca trekking session just to witness the expression on people’s faces when you tell them your plans. Wendy Short joined Doug Steen for a wander down to the River Greta

Alpaca trekking conjures up images of marching up hill and down dale at a rapid pace, with the humans wearing sturdy boots and all-weather gear and their charges tugging at their halters, stirred by distant memories of their relatives, which are a common sight high up in the mountains of their native Peru.

But first-time alpaca trekkers will be quick to discover that this romantic notion bears little resemblance to reality.

Alpacas very decidedly move at their own pace, which is extremely leisurely. They steadfastly refuse to be rushed under any circumstances; unless, that is, this trait is peculiar to the residents of Jock House Barn, near Boldron, the home of Teesdale Alpacas.

Their “take it or leave it” approach to life was obvious when I joined Doug Steen and fellow trekkers Katie and Will, to catch and halter our chosen animals.

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