Have a go.........at alpaca walking

Lancaster Guardian     
By: Nicola Jaques 
Photo: Courtesy of Lancaster Guardian

Photo Caption: Alpaca walking is a family activity growing in popularity.
Original content from Lancaster Guardian.       

The alpaca from Peru may well be known as pack animals and their fleece highly valued for its silkiness but they make great pets too and animal lovers are taking advantage of getting up close and personal with these lovable, sensitive and intelligent creatures

Why: Captivating, friendly and very cute , experiences with alpacas are growing in popularity. A wonderful family activity to get everyone outdoors and learning more about these animals.

How it works: Many alpaca farms are offering experiences where visitors can get up close and personal with the animals, during walking sessions, guides will teach how to halter, lead and communicate with the animals. Sessions can be an hour to around 90 minutes.

Benefits: Llamas and Alpacas are fantastic creatures at putting people at ease. They are known for their loving, friendly and non-judgemental characteristics and are now being used as part of therapy programmes to help people with emotional, physical and stress related problems. Animals can help people to re-focus them on their environment and instigate a feeling of trust in the animal.

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