Take a walk on the wool side with alpacas

The Falkirk Herald
By: David Oliver
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

Original content from The Falkirk Herald.

As seen in the zoo and mountains of Peru – alpacas are now walking in a field near you ... and they’d welcome the company in Banknock.

Rather than take a walk on the wild side this summer, there’s a walk on the wool side available in the countryside around Banknock.

Caledonia Alpacas, based in Orchard Farm on the site of Pitcairn Engineering just outside the village has a herd of the mammals – more accustomed to the wilds of Peru than the fields of central Scotland.

And they love it.

From eating thistles to brushes with the long grass, Hamish, Valentino, Teddy and the gang have been having a great time this summer – after being sheered of their woollen coats.

They’ve also welcomed new friends to their fields as owners Jen Hone and Cameron Pitcairn, the proprietors at Caledonia Alpacas, have been leading walks with the alpacas this summer.

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