You can dine with Alpacas at this Merseyside coffee shop

Liverpool Echo
By: Lottie Gibbons
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture 

Original content from Liverpool Echo.

When we dine out, we are often surrounded by friends, family or a loved one.

However, at Harefield Coffee Barn, you may be joined by something four-legged.

And it's not a dog or a cat. But rather alpacas.

The Rainhill coffee shop , known best for its afternoon tea opened two and half years ago, yet, the barn has been overshadowed by twelve alpacas.

And there are five in particular that often steal the show.

Adelaide, who manager Ken Simpson describes as the "boss of the pack" is a leader, she keeps the boys in check and will mug you if you're carrying fresh hay.

High Voltage also known by the team as Numpty is at the opposite end of the scale, he's always last and just plods along.

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