Christmas alpacas to wander the streets of Painswick

Stroud News & Journal
By: Jaye McGowan
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

Original content from Stroud News & Journal.  

 Santa Clause will reside in his caravan grotto for the Goodwill Evening, but he will be the one expecting the presents this year - they will be donated to the Salvation Army and passed on to families who need them the most.

However, he will take lists from the children, to help him decide what presents to bring them on Christmas day.

The evening will incorporate traditional children's games, craft stalls, hot food and a few special surprises in keeping with this year's theme, 'extending goodwill to all'.

 There will also be a special visit from the Christmas alpacas, before they are needed on Christmas Eve.

This year, maps will be free from The Painswick Centre in return for a foodbank donation - they highlight the villages attractions and show children where they can collect stickers.

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