AgroTrend? Alpaca My Bag

By: Eliza Goetze
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

From cattle dogs leaping around stubborn steers to alpaca obstacle courses, there was plenty of action at AgroTrend yesterday and the fun kicks off again today.

While Friday sees farmers kicking tractor tyres and talking technology, Saturday is traditionally the most popular day for families and this year for the first time you can take a quad bike for a test ride in the Can-Am ATV demo track.

Yesterday students from local schools, including Gin Gin and Moore Park, undertook an unusual extracurricular activity: leading alpacas through an obstacle course.

Moore Park senior student Jordis Graham said the partnership came about after many afternoons after school spent helping her neighbor, Sandy Robertson, look after her alpacas at the ZamZook Park farm.

“I like the alpacas because they’re very nice, you can talk to them as well.”

The high-pitched hum, she explained as she led Felix out of his pen, was “how they talk to each other.”

Trisha Wright, of Rosemary Alpacas near Biggenden, said alpacas were well suited for kids because of their size and gentle nature.

“They’re very quiet animals,” she said, "They have their own personalities; they’re an addiction, really.

“My dad bought his first alpaca eight years ago and I went ‘What?’ Then I bought my first one, and we’ve now got 12.

“They’re unique, they’re different. they’re gorgeous.

“My son is shy- so we try to get him out doing things like this. It’s the first time a lot of the the alpacas have done this, as well as the kids.”

Experts and hobbyists off all kinds agricultural amusements travel across the state to hit AgroTrend every year.

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