Llama walks at Sutton farm become social media sensation

The Canberra Times
By: Andrew Brown
Photo: By Jamila Toderas

Photo Caption: Glynda Bluhm and vetrinary students Calling Thomas, Michael McAllen, Aliesha Salvarag, Cat O'Leary, Simone Carter, Stephanie taking llamas for a walk.

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When it comes to walking animals, many would have seen people out and about walking their dogs.

But just over the ACT border, people are now trying their hand at walking llamas. And it's popularity is rapidly growing.

The walks are organised by llama and alpaca breeder Glynda Bluhm, who runs the walks at her farm in Sutton.

Since the event began more than nine months ago, the llama walks have become a sensation on social media, being booked out in a matter of hours after being advertised on Facebook.

People who register for the llama walks are able to interact with the animal in a 90-minute session as well as help to feed them.

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