Alpaca’s favourite pub is The Pig and Whistle pub in Trentham

Herald Sun
By: Monique Hore
Photo: By Jake Nowakowski

Photo Caption: Plum Tuckered Inn Bed & Breakfast Vicky McCurdy takes her pet alpaca Wakka nearly everywhere — even the local pub.

Original content from Herald Sun.

So, an alpaca walks into a bar ...

Wakka the alpaca has become Trentham East’s most unusual pub-goer after saddling up to the bar at the Pig and the Whistle.

Owner Vicky McCurdy, who owns Plum Tuckered Inn bed and breakfast, said Wakka thought of herself as a dog.

“You yell her name and she’ll come running,” Ms McCurdy said.

“People are always interested if they see me walking down the road with her. They’ll always stop and have a pat.”

Pub owner Barbara Middleton said the Pig and the Whistle was popular for pets — and had quite a history of unusual patrons.

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